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About Yanze Ceramics
Nanjing Yanze Ceramic Cultural Development Company Limited, established in March, 2013, is a subsidiary company of Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd.  Yanze Ceramics, as an original brand of contemporary ceramic design, belongs to Gaochun Ceramics. 

About the International Design Center of Yanze Ceramics
The international design center of Yanze Ceramics was set up on the foundation of the product development center of Gaochun Ceramics. Product development at the design center follows the general rule of ceramics mass production, at the same time, it will be artistically unique, forward-looking, and open to experiment. Our goal is to stand at the forefront of ceramic product design in China.

We invite well-known ceramists, cross-border artists, and designers to develop creative products at the design center. Artists may also reuse existing resources from Gaochun Ceramics to create artworks and designs. At the same time, we accept excellent designs created by young Chinese designers. This will give these young designers a stage to exhibit their talents, and contribute to the cultivation of new influx in Chinese ceramic industry design.

The design center provides basic facilities to develop designs and art creation. Here, artists and designers can "walk" freely between factory workshop and design center, to facilitate the transformation from ceramic art creation to ceramic industry design.


Gaochun     Wikipedia

The old street of Gaochun

On the way to old factory

The old factory at Gaochun Ceramics
When Gaochun Ceramics was established on 1958, it was merely a small pottery workshop producing earthenware and stoneware. It started to concentrate on stoneware production for oversea markets in the 1980s, and gradually stood out in the Chinese ceramic industry in the 1990s. The original factory of Gaochun Ceramics still focuses on stoneware production for oversea and domestic markets now.

The old factory

Stoneware production line, Tunnel kiln

Stoneware production line, Glazing workshop

The new factory at Gaochun Ceramics
In 2004, a new factory was set up to develop high-tech ceramics. 
The bone-china production line was introduced at the end of 2007.

Bonechina production line, Tunnel kiln

Bonechina production line, product development workshop

Fine Bonechina

The International Design Center of Yanze Ceramics
The center, located inside the Ceramic Park at Gaochun Ceramics, is a traditional Chinese courtyard-style workshop.

The overview of Ceramic Park



Yanze Ceramics, gives a new interpretation to traditional ceramic aesthetics with contemporary language.

Yanze Ceramics, gives an artistic life and free spirit to ordinary daily objects.

Yanze Ceramics, gives a new image to ceramic product design in its unique way.

If you love and focus on design work,
if you know about Chinese ceramic culture and art,
if you have the same design dream and passion as us,
we sincerely invite you to join our team.
Send your CV and self-recommendation letter to us

Career Position

Graphic Designer   Full time or part time

Job Responsibilities

  1. 1、Design package and catalog for ceramic products independently,from concept to prototype
  2. 2、Follow up the prototyping,manufacturing, and quality control of all prints products, assist with price negotiations and payment tracking process
  3. 3、Advertisement design
  4. 4、Exhibition design,exhibition poster design
  5. 5、Responsible for recording and managing design materials and samples
  6. 6、Assist with ceramic product design in some occasions

  1. 1、Majoring in graphic design,with a bachelor degree
  2. 2、Familiar with related design materials and techniques
  3. 3、Familiar with office,graphics, nd image processing software
  4. 4、Responsible and good at communicating with others and working in a team
  5. 5、Having basic skills in spoken & written English
  6. 6、Previous working experience preferred

Ceramic Product Designer   Full time

Job Responsibilities
  1. 1、Ceramic products design,from concept to prototype
  2. 2、Follow up product prototyping and quality control
  3. 3、Assist residency artists to develop products,from mold making to prototyping
  4. 4、Assist with package design and catalog design in some occasions

  1. 1、Majoring in ceramic art or industrial product design, with a bachelor degree
  2. 2、Familiar with ceramic design techniques and processes
  3. 3、Good at plaster mold making
  4. 4、Familiar with office software, 2D and 3D design software
  5. 5、Responsible and good at working in a team
  6. 6、Having basic skills in spoken & written English

If you love working in ceramic design, we hope to hear from you. Your participation will make our team stronger.

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