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2014/3/4 8:51:06
  About Takeshi YasudaTakeshi Yasuda, a well-known ceramist, was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1943. He studied pottery in Mashiko from 1963 to 1966, and established his own studio in 1967. In 1973, he moved to UK to experience a different culture, and stayed there for more than 30 years. During those years, he gave classes at various universities across Europe and the United States. In 2005, he was invited by Caroline Cheng, the director of the Hongkong Pottery Workshop, to establish the Ji
2013/10/26 19:19:22
On October 26, after finishing his one-month residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, Canadian ceramist Paul Mathieu came to Nanjing for a short visit of Yanze Ceramics on his way to Zibo.Paul Mathieu, one of Canadas most highly respected ceramic artists, currently lives in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has been teaching ceramic art in the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He has given lectures and demonstrations throughout Canada, Australia, the United States, France, Hungary and Mexi
2013/9/22 22:31:18
During the Moon Festival, Yanze Ceramics had its first “Floating Cup” gathering after several months’ preparation for establishment. On September 20th, Prof. Wu Lieyan and Prof. Kong Liuqing from Nanjing University of the Arts unveiled the international design center at a simple ceremony, symbolizing the formal opening of Yanze Ceramics. Guests attending the first “Floating Cup” gathering of Yanze Ceramics also included Mr. Kong Deshuang, the president of Gaochun Ceramics, and Prof. Yuan Xi
2013/9/15 22:29:38
Invited by Dr. I-Chi Hsu, the permanent secretary of the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association (ICMEA), Yan Jiang, the executive director of Yanze Ceramics, attended the 4th ICMEA Symposium, which was held at Fuping Pottery Art Village from September 8th to 13th. As one of the invited speakers, Yan Jiang gave a speech titled “From Studio Pottery to Industrial Design”, talking about the transition of her personal ceramic creation methods and styles. She also gave an introduction of t
2013/4/27 22:28:42
Yan Jiang, the executive director of Yanze Ceramics, attended the “One Thousand Talents Plan” Entrepreneurs Forum in Gaochun, as one of the talents of Nanjing “321 Plan”. Also, Dr. I-Chi Hsu, the former member of IAC Council, visited Yanze Ceramics as our first guest.
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