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Product No.: YZY-13H10
Designer: Ru Huang
Design supervisor: Yan Jiang
Material: Stoneware

Light | Happy-life stackable tea set

This stackable tea set is the first product designed by a young designer with guidance from a design supervisor and issued by Yanze Ceramics.

Artistic creation does not necessarily mean making something completely new and innovative. In this tea set, 11 single pieces are stacked together to form the shape of a kerosene lamp which was a common household appliance in many places half a century ago. With this particular design, we wish to get people to reminisce about old times and objects. The phrase "lighting the lamp" is often a metaphor for the pursuing of happy life.

The idea of stacking pieces together as a whole originally comes from the design concept of lacquer containers. Stacking single pieces together not only saves space, but also creates a new art form.

This tea set series come in two colors, red and green. In each set, the pieces are stacked together to form the shape of a kerosene lamp, with adjacent pieces always in different colors. When using the pieces, people can combine and match them in any way they see fit.

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