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In Chinese, the phrase "Liu Shang" means floating cup, and it originates from the ancient Chinese custom known as "Qu Shui Liu Shang". Every year on March 3 of the Chinese lunar calendar, people would sit along the riversides, watching cups floating down from upstream. Whenever the cups passed by, the participants would pick them up and drink the water inside them. Ancient Chinese believed that doing so would help them avoid diseases and bring them good fortune.

On March 3 in the year 353 (Eastern Jin Dynasty), the famous Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi and 41 other scholars met at Lan Ting in the Yin Mountain. During this meeting, he wrote down the famous poem "Lan Ting Preface". From then on, "Qu Shui Liu Shang" became very popular among scholars. People with the same interests and habits would gather near mountains, bamboo forests and rivers, to drink, read, discuss and write poems to express themselves. This is indeed a congenial way to be with friends.

The Floating-Cup Residency Program at the international design center of Yanze Ceramics, invites artists and designers from different countries and areas to come together and gather at Gaochun, to use clay as the medium to express their artistic ideas about ceramic design, to share different art concepts and aesthetic opinions. We believe that this art residency program will bring more beauty and brilliance to people's daily life.


Common materials and facilities are available at the design center. Bringing your own tools is best for you to develop your ideas.


Access to studio and office space at Yanze Ceramics Design Center
● Studio space for 2 artists at the same time with facilities:
 2 Throwing wheel, 1 Slab roller, 1 Glaze mill, 1 Glaze test kiln, 1 Skutt KM1222-3 kiln
● Office space with computer, printer and WiFi internet connection
● Photo space equipped with lights and backgrounds for taking pictures of your work


Access to product development apartment of Gaochun Ceramics
Artists and designers could make their plaster mould at the product development apartment of Gaochun Ceramics with support from mould makers (if needed). You can also work independently. The available facilities for product development are: slip casting, pressure casting, press mold and jiggering.CNC engravingmachines and 3D scanner are also available for use.


Access to decal factory in Gaochun Ceramics to make silkscreen transfer printing

Our studio assistant will introduce you to Yanze Ceramics Design Center and Gaochun Ceramics, and help you to solve technical problems during your residency.

Electric kiln at the Design Center

CNC engraving studio at Product Development Apartment

Engraving the plaster mold

3D scanning


During your residency at our center, you will live in the center with full access to studio and office space at all time. We offer free accommodation to invited artists and designers. You can eat at the factory's dining hall, or cook for yourself at the center. If you want to buy some living goods and food, our staff will take you to the market downtown. For accommodation we provide:


● Bed linen and towels are provided in all rooms.
● One room with private bathroom is available.
● One room with shared bathroom and toilet.
● Fully equipped kitchen with gas cooker, fridge and microwave oven.
 Cooking pots and pans, crockery and cutlery are also provided.
● Regular cleaning service.

Yanze Ceramics welcomes application from anyone who work professionally in the field of ceramics from China or any other countries. Residency lasts for one to two months.

Making an application for the Floating Cup residency program. There is no application deadline, and applications will be considered throughout the year. Please submit the following materials to:residency@yanze-ceramics.com

● application form
● a current CV
● at least 6 digital images of your previous work
● a brief outline of your intended work during your residency

Download Application Form

If you have any questions, please email residency@yanze-ceramics.com for further information.

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